Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve

We spend Christmas Eve with Randy's mom (MoMo) and his brother, Lance's family (Katy, Lance Quinton, and Abby). Quick picture of the kiddos and Sassy. I think our other little dog Sam was hiding.

" I'm just hanging around waiting to open some presents."

The quads were all very interested in Quinton. Here, Leah is trying to stick her fingers in his mouth. When he was sitting on the couch, they would go up to him and lay their head on his lap. It was too precious!

Ricky and Heath decided they couldn't wait any longer and helped themselves to their presents from Lance, Katy, Quinton, and Abby.

Tyler wants to see if he can make his bath toys fit in the ball popper.

Caught Abby looking! The girl is always on the go so I was glad I finally caught her for a picture.

Ricky getting Uncle Lew to help him with his new toucan bird flashlight.

Tyler intently watching me trying to get the tug boat for the bath tub out of the package.

Still working on it. Now Ricky has come to help me.

Now Heath is getting some help to get his tiger flashlight out. When you push his tail the light comes on and he growls at you. they really weren't sure what to think at first.

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