Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November Picture Overload

Once again I started loading these pictures on the 2nd of December and now its the 22nd! This month is flying by!! December is always so busy with school programs and parties, and then your shopping and other festivities. So I'm rewinding to November because I can't miss a month of happenings! Tyler with his Duckie. Tyler got his 5th tooth around the 8th of November. He know where his belly button is, his ears, and sometimes his nose! By the 25th he decided he wanted to start giving me"sugar". On the 19th we had the quads 15 month checkup. Tyler weighed 18 lbs 10oz and was 29 1/2 inches long, head was 18inches. He is now the second tallest, passing up Heath.
Tyler is one of the better nappers. He takes at least one good nap usually. He's happy to plau by himself with his little people. but you better not jack with him and try to take his little people or he gets very ticked! The screaming begins. He likes to walk around with this duck whistle thats shaped like a duckbill of Jennas. He blows on it like he's supposed to just a little too hard to get the sound out yet.

Ricky wollering all over Nana. He still has 8 teeth, no new ones in November (very surprised about that!). At checkup Ricky Roo weighed 23lbs 4 oz, length 31 1/2inches, and head was 19 inches. He is definitely the brute of the bunch! Ricky also found his belly button at the first of the month and also learned ears and nose. The boy is busy and hasn't been taking very good afternoon naps and sometimes not even mroning naps. After Christmas, I think I'm going to try to switch to one nap in the afternoon hoping all will sleep a little better. Ricky tries to say shoe but only really getting the s out. He says "Da!-Da!" for dog and slaps the side of his leg like he's calling them. they all love to follow them around and try to pet them. Ricky was sick at Thanksgiving, sinus infection. Talk about a hard headed little booger and likes to throw a little fit and throw himself back too!

Silly Man, Heath. Heath already knew where his nose is and has now added his belly button and ears to the list. He loves to show you his belly button and point to it. he also like to look at your belly button too! He still has 8 teeth, no new ones in November either. By the end of the month Heath was getting up from sitting on floor to standing on his own. He also started stepping sideways to get around things if needed. Heath can say "go" and also tries to say shoe like Ricky. He's also trying to say "done" after he finishes his bottle. I think he will be the first to really start talking. He finally got his first haircut this month. He had to trim his comeover! At checkup he weighed 19lbs 9oz, 28 1/4 inches long, and head was 18 1/2inches. Heath is now the shortest! Bless his heart! He makes a silly face and squints his eyes and squishes up his face at you.

Tyler kicking back with Jenna to watch a little tube while he drinks his evening bottle.


Quads sporting their Longhorn shirts on Thanksgiving Day. The babies had a little turkey dinner themselves, all except the dressing. All ate good except for Leah, who was also not feeling good.

Ricky and Daddy asleep on the couch. Both Ricky and Leah woke up with fever and very cranky. What a fun filled day it will be!

Leah wedged herself in the narrow bottom drawer that I keep some of my plastic bowls in. Heath is trying to get her to put them back in! Lee-Lee got her 6th tooth the beginning of the month. She likes to run around showing you her belly button too. She know where her ears are but still needs a little work on the nose. She gets it sometimes. Leah was sick at Thanksgiving, sinus infection with fever that wanted to stay at 102! Leah speaks her own little language. sometimes we say she's speaking in tongue. Her jabbering is so funny though. At checkup she weighed 18lbs, 29 inches long, and head was 17inches. She's still giving me trouble trying to get her to eat. She was doing so much better before she got sick and then it all went south again! It's a work in rpogress with her (Lord give me patience!) Her hair is getting quite long on top but Daddy says don't cut it and let it grow! She is still wearing a size 2 shoe! She still wants to climb in everything. The new thing is they all like to empty out one of my kitchen utensil drawers. They already get in the plastic bowls but now we're adding a little more mess. I don't mind picking it up if it helps keep them occupied for a bit so I can get something else done!

Our budding actress. this year Ashley participated in the Jr. High One Act Play. They got first place at their district meet and Ashley received Honorable Mention All Star Cast!

I made turkey cookies for Jenna's 2nd grade class. thought they needed a little treat since they don't get to have a Thanksgiving party. Funny thing is a quad mom friend of mine, Brandy, also made the cookies for her daughter's class and we never talked about it. Great minds!

Ricky doing a little dusting for me in the wash room.He's dusting the mounds of boxes I had stacked up. He's quite the good helper!

Beep! Beep! Heath taking a spin in the little car a Nana and Pa's house. They got this when Mollie was little and Jenna played in it too. Thank goodness for hand me downs! The quads love crawling in and out and have figured out how to push backwards with their feet. This was a rare occasion where Heath had the car all to himself.

How many babies can you cram into a little car? We will attempt 3, but it doesn't work! Only enough room in the front for 2. Tyler will have to ride in the back!

Watch the edge Ty-Man! Tyler rolling around on our bed.

Heath making his silly face. He'll squint up his eyes and his nose alot of times and smiles.

Gotta little drool there Bubba. No new teeth yet. Ricky is still holding at 8 teeth.

Leah with puppy passy in tow as the kiddos play on the bed. all four love to roll around in our bed and play.

Little fight going on in the laundry basket.Getting a little crunched in there!

He's escaping!!! Ricky is actually not the first to head out the doggy door. Tyler was caught by Randy the day before but I had to run get my camera to get a picture of him escaping. Nearly escaping. He got this far out and then wasn't quite sure what to do. Leah just sat watching the show!

Leah decided to take a little break in the piggy toy box. Don't see how the girl managed to lay down with all that stuff in there!

Sweet Bubba! Ricky sat there patting Leah's head while they drank there bottle. He now will go get her lovey blankie for her and bring it to her! It's so sweet! He sometimes brings her a pacifier but still likes to take that away from her.

Ty posing in the laundry basket. I'm just glad I got everything put up before he confiscated the basket for himself.

How many can we get in this bucket? Sorry Ricky, 3's the max in this one!

Our little Dale Jr fan. Tyler wearing Daddy's hat.

I'll just touch it, then pull it... Surprisingly Heath didn't pull Leah's pony tail out!

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