Monday, November 30, 2009

Early Christmas Present

Nana thought the babies need something new to keep them entertained so she gave the quads their Christmas present early. Kristi and I could barely get it together before Leah had already climbed up. It gets a little hairy when more than two want at the top. They like to take the little people or anything else they can find and throw down the slide. And they think its quite hilarious to try to crawl up the slide and then slide down on their bellies.

Ricky and Heath checking out the view on top of their castle.

Leah taking a rest on the steps.

"You want me to go down this thing?!"

There's that sweet smile!

Peek a Boo Ricky!

Leah investigating underneath.


Shelley said...

We have that slide. It was Racheal's. The triplets love it!

supertwins lover said...

Aww, cute pjs. Early christmas presents are a great idea. Now they dont have to wait until christmas to open it. The quads are so cute!!!!