Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Look Who's Walking!!!

Can you believe they are all walking??!! I can't! Ricky was first and was walking good by the 4th of October. Then a week later on the 12th, Leah decided walking was easy and just stood up and took off (with devilish "see I know how" look). At first I called her "Baby Frankenstein". She walked stiff with her arms out in front. Then the very next week on the 19th, Heath did the same thing and was walk in circles all over the house-nonstop. Of course with his hands in the air! Then the 23rd of October, Tyler was walking more. By the end of this last week he was also going everywhere. Now its even more chaotic when we head outside. They love playing on the porch but now want in the yard. Then their off! Walking times 4 makes things even more crazy. And I wonder why I'm so exhausted by the time they go to bed!

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ANNA B. said...

AH! So precious! Go babies go!!!