Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heath's First Haircut

Heath finally had enough hair that had grown on top that he needed a haircut. Randy is showing Melinda the long part on top. the only hair that seems to be growing.

He-Man sitting good and still...for now.

Heath now wondering, "What are you doing?"

Little trim around the ears.

Reward! Jenna helped Heath with his sucker. Yum!

There goes those sweet curls that Mama loves so. Ricky definitely needed his rug cut.

Sister once again manning the suckers.

Tyler was not too happy this time getting his hair cut. So he had to have his sucker during the cut to keep him happy. Glad Melinda has more covers. Tyler got just a little drool on this one.

Little Miss Leah got her a sucker too, which she loved. Miss independent held it herself and devoured the whole thing!

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