Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Picture Overload

Late, really late! December is always so busy, so I'm glad that we just survived it. I wanted to find these pictures so I could add them before I posted this. These were taken with a disposable camera so for some reason the color is not great. These were taken December12th, the quads first visit to Granny's. We didn't take them to Granny's for Christmas last year since we had only been home about a month and a half. We headed over to Granny's to let them play and explore in her yard and house before we came back for Christmas. We got out Granny's wagon that she uses to bring things in from her car to give the quads a wagon ride around the place. We eventually had to get the 2nd wagon out since they were a little scrunched.
Leah, Heath, Tyler, and Ricky looking at the horses and donkey. They LOVE animals and were so excited to see them!

Little Miss No Fear! Leah instantly reached up to touch the horse.

Ricky and Jenny sizing each other up. Jenny has been at Granny and PePaw's for a very, very long time.

Uncle Chas stopped by on his way to get the tractor to get some hay loaded. Heath is busy pointing to something!

Ricky, Leah, and Tyler are helping Aunt Kay put the pecans in the bucket (more like helping take them out of the bucket!). Granny has a HUGE pecan tree in her yard. This is only one of 3 that produced pecans and there were TONS of them this year!

Tyler trying to feed Randy a pecan.

Another picture of the babies "helping".

Having a morning bottle with his buddy. He now has a total of 12 teeth! He got 4 in this month, good ole molars! As seen on video he has learned to sanitize his hands and he started walking backwards at the beginning of December. It's quite funny because he usually sticks out his chin at you and makes this silly grin. We tell him to"Back it up" and there he goes backwards! Heath and Ricky both started covering their eyes with their hands or rag/towel if handy to initiate "Peek a Boo". At the end of the month he started trying to say "Jenna" and is doing a great job at it. He also likes to say Mama, Dadda, done, go (his favorite), occasionally can make out cool and thank you and says "shoo" and waves his hand in front of his face.

That's Jumbo Rice Krispies all over my floor and all over Heath's pants! I had the bright idea I would let the quads have their snack cups on the floor instead of in the table. WRONG! BAD IDEA!! They proceeded to dump then EVERYWHERE! And then step on then, sit on them, well you get the picture!

Heath now has 2 cups. Wonder who left there's behind? Jumbo Rice Krispies are good! Just not on my floor!!

Tyler's got a few stuck to his bo-bo as he head up the steps. Ricky trying get a few out of Leah's cup.

Ricky filling up for the ride.

Heath being such a good helper helping vacuum the rug! All four have to go stare at Mrs. Cecelia when she vacuums their rug when she comes to help me on Mondays.

Another one looking a little rough. Tyler hugging his Duckie while he has his bottle.

Backed into a corner! Tyler and Leah actually not fighting while playing in the cozy coupe.
This was one of the things we should have gotten at least 2 of for Christmas!

Have a seat Heath! Heath sitting on the shapes bucket as he play with the Little People house.

Tyler in his usual position playing with Little People. He gets sprawled out most of the time on his belly to play. He loves to open and shut the doors the house and barn and eventually the door comes off!

Everyone playing nicely. Heath has their star that sings 'Twinkle Twinkle". They will bring it to you and the spider who of course sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to you to play over and over and over.... But they do love to dance with them!

I see your hiney, all white and shiny! Tyler escaped before I could get the diaper on.

Leah has Tyler pinned in the corner. They all take turns sitting in this little space between the 2 dressers. Sometimes Leah is pushing them into this space and trying to sit on them!

Hike it up there boy! Ricky no longer needs to use of the pillow to get on the couch anymore!

One of the days nice enough for us to get outside Leah head to the potting soil and Ricky is trying to get into the garage.

Ricky Roo on the move! This guy is busy! By end of December his tooth count was up to 10 with 2 bottom molars coming in. He enjoys bugging you until you let him flip the light switch on and off. He also started doing his hands up like Heath does for "What happened? or uh-oh". He's climbing up and down out of the rocking chair. I have 2 next to each other since we had to make room for the Christmas tree. He climbs up in one and then over to the other one . He's also climbing up into the recliner via the help of the bean bag that blocks them from getting behind the chair and climbs up on the little yellow couch now. He likes playing Peek a Boo covering his face with a towel/rag or his own hands. He enjoys trying to crawl in and out of the doggy door! It's getting a little tight for his every growing tummy!He's such the helper though. He likes to pick up every one's bottle and bring them to you. You can tell to pick up things or get something for you and he usually does. He's usually the worst napper still and so stinking loud! He will just holler at you. Which at nap time ends up waking someone else up too. It's funny that when you tell him "no" he'll shake his head for yes and then jabbers at you. Is he cussing me or saying"yeah, I hear ya!."

Action shot! This picture of Heath cracks me up. I got it right before he went down.

Tyler with his toboggan on. The next second, its off! This boy still only has 6 teeth! But he doesn't let that stop him from eating! He's also a little chipmunk when he eats. He packs it in and won't swallow and then spits it all out. Yum! He's crawling up into the rocking chairs too. I caught him and Leah crawling on the end table after they had gotten onto the little yellow couch! The boy loves his Little People! He is also playing peek a boo and does a lot of jabbering. I just wish I understood jabber!He's a pretty good napper but will occasionally forgo the nap so he can toss everything out of his bed and giggle and holler across the room at Leah. They pass food to each other at meal times and will laugh and hold each other's hands at the table.

Silly Jenna posing for the camera!

Leah happily sitting by herself since she has the cheerios all to herself!

Ride that Reindeer!! You talk about hysterical! Tyler loved to ride the reindeer. He would be bouncing on it so much he's having it moving across the floor! I haven't put the reindeer up yet still hoping to get it on video.

Is the circus in town?! Jenna and Emily got their faces painted by Ashley.

I just love a good soft, fuzzy blanket!

If Jenna can squeeze through here, then I can too.

And then throws a fit when I pull him out!

Still lovin the laundry basket!

Miss Thang has the top of the castle all to her self! She was the first to crawl up it and the first to figure out how to slide down on her tummy. She's still speaking her own little language at us and the boys! I call it "Leah-nese". She looks like a little Who girl from the Dr. Seuss books with the ponytail on top of her head! It's so long right on top that if we don't it stays in her eyes. The boys won't let her keep a headband in anymore and they've gotten better at not pulling the ponytail! She still has 7 teeth. Like I said on Ty, I caught them crawling onto the end table trying to get to the lamp! she likes to throw her lovey out of her bed at times so you will have to come get it for her. Because if you don't, she won't hush until you do! Her eating still varies, some days good, some days won't eat something she liked last week!

Caught ya crawling up! Ty figured out how to get up into the rocking chair all by himself! (oh, here we go!)

Oh my gosh! What happened?!

"OK Heath, here's the plan. We send Ty and Leah to the right distract Mom and then we sneak in on the left. One good push and we're in!"

Tyler, I thought we told you no texting while you have your bottle!

"I'll hold the top while you grab the zipper and pull!"

"Mom, what happened?!"

She was caught being sweet to her Mama!

"See, this is my belly button." All the babies love to lift their shirt (and yours!) to show you their belly buttons. Now they've gotten to where they pat on it when I ask them if they are full.

Ricky wants more room and the other 2 don't give a hoot! Heath just absolutely cracks me up when he makes this face!

Leah still not feeling good after Thanksgiving with what they thought was a sinus infection.

Iv'e started trying to show them how to sign a little. ECI says it can help them with their speech/talking. So far, the only sign they like to do is for cracker/cookie. Of course, not a big surprise since they love snack time!

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