Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started with the quads getting a morning bottle and then we uncovered what Santa had brought them..Tonka trucks!! Leah got one too but hers had flowers on it! Santa thought she would want one like her brother's this year. Leah, Ricky and Heath checking out the trucks.

Tyler and Leah fighting over who was going to get in first.

Jenna showing us some fingernail stickers she got in her stocking.

Tyler won.

Leah is checking out the dumping action of the truck.

She decides she would like to chew on her juice box that was in her stocking.

Ricky seeing how the ride is in his truck.

Heath was gathering up everyone's candy that was in their stockings.

Ashley trying to get Ricky and Leah to unwrap their puzzles.

The tree is fair game again! Leah caught playing with the lights.

Heath very interested in the ribbons on one of his presents.

Leah giving her baby sugars.

Leah got a pink vacuum cleaner and decided before we took it out of the box that she needed to sit on it first. They all love the vacuum cleaner, should have got 4 of them!

Tyler can't wait to get the Little People firetruck out of the box. He'll just sit in it anyway!

Jenna, aka "wild hair woman" opening her presents.

Christmas chaos. You could barely see the floor by the times everyone got everything unwrapped and had fun carrying paper and boxes everywhere.

Heath wearing his new boots with his Santa jammies loading up the dump truck.

Ashley checking out her new camera.

Leah wrapped up in her new butterfly towel (still sitting on the vacuum cleaner box).

Little froggy, Ricky, now manning the fire truck and his new towel.

He decided he would stop and read a bit now (or try to chew on it!).

Tyler puckered up holding the magnetic drawing board. ECI suggested these since I truthfully am scared to let them have crayons yet!

Heath coming to check out what big sis is doing (seeing if there's anything he needs in her stuff).

Heath testing out the lawn mower.

Tyler working on the lights too. He has been caught many times this month pulling them off.

My sweet little chickens! Jenna with Tyler and Leah, Ashley with Ricky and Heath.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We have been truly blessed again this year. God has continued to grant our family good health and provided for our needs. GOD IS GOOD!! May He bless each of you in the new year!

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