Thursday, June 10, 2010

8th Grade Promotion 5-28-2010

On Friday, May 28th, the 8th grade had their promotion to high school ceremony. Ashley and Mollie will be Freshman next year! (Sniff. Sniff. )

Ashley showing off her promotion certificate.

Mollie and her bud, Cade.

Now Ashley and Cade.

Mollie and Jenna being silly cousins.

Brad, Mollie, and Kristi.

Pa, Mollie, Ashley, and Nana.

Ashley and MoMo.

Granny, Mollie, and Ashley

The 8th grade class, aka Freshman Class of 2010-11

Mollie, Ashley, and their friend, Faith.

Rance (Mollie's Dad) and Mollie.

Like I said, can't believe they are going to be in high school next year! Their Valedictorian, Brooke, gave a wonderful speech. They are growing up too fast. We are very proud of the young ladies they have turned into. Love you girls!

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