Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Tykes Sprinkler Ball 5-26-10

I found the Little Tykes sprinkler ball at Wal-Mart after Jenna had gone to the dentist. The quads weren't sure what to think at first about a ball that squirted water! Tyler and Heath loved it, but Ricky and Leah were a little more standoff-ish. Randy turns on the water and Ricky starts heading for cover!

Tyler had a blast! He would run back and forth to get squirted.

Heath checking it out up close. Leah never got very close.

Ricky wants to mess with the water hose more than anything.

Heath grabs the old shower head and plays like he's squirting with it. Tyler would stick his face right down in the water. Leah still not so sure.

Leah with my Aunt Kay. She did have fun laughing at the boys.

My Little Water Boy!

Now he needs a little drink.

I caught Jenna at the back door with a quick smile.

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