Wednesday, June 16, 2010

May Picture Overload!!!

Slowly but surely,I'll get it done! I love this picture of them all together in the bed again. They don't fit as easy as they used to! And to think they were also all together in my belly! It's funny how sometimes they don't mind being back together with no room to move!

The crew woke up a little early from nap. Not good! So I was trying to get them to watch Finding Nemo and chill a little longer. Guess what?? It didn't work for long!

I've got to get a full picture of our new screened in back porch! Vicki Stone, a nurse I work with in surgery, her husband Tony, built our porch for us. As soon as he was done, Randy and Jenna pulled out the air mattress to sleep outside! We are loving this extra space on the back!

Sassy and Sam even joined them on the porch.

This is what I found one day when I got home from taking my CPR renewal class. Little Roo Roo was all tuckered out after lunch! He figured out how to push the gas pedal on Jenna's power wheels car. He now likes to kiss Leah goodnight at bed time (I think he's just trying to stall a little longer.) He's working on saying bowl, bite, more, door, "bububu' for bubbles and then goes back to calling everything"this". He still has 16 teeth and yes is still biting the others!

Tyler showing some acrobatics. He is loving the water these days, bath or outside. He now wants to dunk his head in the tub and just laughs. This is the boy who would scream and cry when trying to wash his hair out before. He's saying eat, bowl, bite, more, bee, door, spoon, zebra, and "bububu" for bubbles. He still has just 9 teeth!

Now Ricky joins in for the balancing act!

Leah and Ricky were really getting in to watching Randy tighten and add some screws to Leah's bed.

Now all 4 have come to help out on the job.

My little jokester leading the pack! Tyler can be such a clown some days. He makes us laugh every day and even the other kiddos too. This day shorts seemed to be the best head coverage.

Ricky decides to see how the orange pair fit on him.

She's sweet as sugar when she wants to be! She now has 12 teeth! She is starting to say mama and daddy more, said bubba, go, bye-bye, and "bububu" for bubbles. She still does her "Leah-nese" but now it's starting to make a little more sense! She's quite the carnivore too! Right now she is pretty much a meat eater. that's what she wants and eats first on her plate every time. she loves eggs too. She still has a thing for textures, still hoping that will fade away!

Where's Heath? He still has 16 teeth and bites on occasion. He's also trying to say bowl. bite, more, and does "bububu" for bubbles too. The looks this boy can give you are like none other! Lately he'll start by looking down and then he slides those eyes up to look at you and grins. You just can't keep from wondering what is he cooking up now? He's likes trying to put his shoes and clothes on by himself. He loves the sprinklers outside!

Leah and Heath snuggled in Jenna's bed after bath.

Ricky swatting Daddy with Jenna's ball.

"Hey man. What's up ? Like my new shades?"

The coolest cat in the house. Tyler loves to put his or anyone else's sunglasses he can get hold of on and then pushes them up on his head! He's going to be the preppy one!

The little man does have a belly! Tyler was actually trying to work his diaper loose and got it all pulled out of whack.

Tyler and Leah taking a stroll in the wagon at Nana and Pa's.

Lining the fence at one of Jenna's Saturday morning games.

Jenna doing a little catching.

Watch out!

The quads love to watch the garbage truck when it comes by. The men now wave at the kids when they pull up at the house!

They all run around the house like crazy at night (if in good moods) laughing and chasing each other. Nana got them 2 sets of the little plastic golf clubs (had to go back for a 2nd since 1 only had 3 clubs) at Wal-Mart and they LOVE them! You had better take cover when Ricky whacks that ball! They run around whacking the ball and yelling "BALL-BALL-BALL!".
And yes, they are also used as weapons sometimes but I try to keep that to a minimum! Since they watched some monkey show on Nat Geo, they also love to make monkey sounds and roar like lions from Big Cat Diary.

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