Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Popsicles

On Friday, May 28th, MoMo brought the kiddos some popsicles that afternoon. The day before everyone was running fever at some pint during the day. On Friday they were still a little cranky and occasionally still having some low grade temps. Lets just say they have a new found love for the cold sweet treat! Everyone was enjoying the yummy popsicles!
Heath really studying this cold stick in his hand.

Ricky cooling his lips off.

Tyler already getting himself a bite.

Heath is one happy boy!

This stuff is great! Why haven't you let us have one of these before Mom?

Leah took her time. Not sure if she likes lime flavor.

Tyler wasting no time.

"I got a little running down my neck." That's OK, its bath day!

Heath watching Sassy as she hopes a piece will be dropped for her.

"Oh! It broke off!"


"I got a little right here on my knee."

Jenna getting a big ole lick.

This is the first of many cold treats on the back steps!

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