Friday, June 25, 2010

Putting up the Pool

On June 4th, Randy was finally getting the pool set up for Jenna. After much harassing, he told her he would set it up after we had 5 consecutive days of 90 degree or higher temps. By June 4th, we had actually more than that but she had to wait until he had another 2 days off to get it done. So as he started fulling it, I stuck the babies and Jenna in to play.

He LOVE to man the water hose! Any chance he gets, he's on it and doesn't want to let go! Tyler is just happy to be in the water!

Leah was enjoying it too. She was rolling around getting her hair wet.

Jenna posing for the camera.

Randy chunked Sassy in so she could cool off. the kiddos thought this was hilarious that she was in there with them. Ricky was crawling around on his belly "like an alligator".

Tyler was trying to help Sassy back out.

Now everyone is going to crawl around like little alligators!

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