Friday, June 25, 2010

Pool, Popsicles, and a Little Mud

On the 7th, all kiddos were out playing in the water, and the mud, and then having a nice sticky Popsicle! Ricky trying to see if there's any water left in the hose while Tyler is poking his finger in the mud.

Heath and Leah splashing around in the water.

Emily and Jenna in the bigger pool.

Leah is super excited that she has 2 balls! Ricky doesn't seem to understand what the big deal is. This was actually has extra kiddy pool from lst year that we never used. There's not a whole lot of extra room in it this year!

Tyler gets himself a drink with the shovel while Leah and Ricky squish the water out of the balls.

Heath found another water ball and is racing to throw it in.

Leah being the sweet sister that she is (ha-ha) and sharing her Popsicle with her brothers.

Now Richy takes a lick of her grape Popsicle.

Now back to his cherry one. Look at those dirt feet and legs!

Tyler about to mix orange Popsicle with playing in the mud.

Heath heading out with his. Also with lovely muddy feet.

Leah lost the stick and is still working on it.

Never mind, Sassy can have it.

My Buddha belly boys not wasting a bit of their Popsicle's. (Note to self: Must get get something to cover dirt at bottom of steps!)

Tyler enjoying the last of his Popsicle while in the pool. Note how nasty the bottom of the pool is getting after they have in in an out a hundred times!

Good Times! Dirty and messy, but good!

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