Sunday, June 27, 2010

At the Lake June 13th

Randy's Aunt Missy, Uncle Wes, their daughter Kristen, and her son, Easton were down spending the week at Proctor Lake. Randy and the girls went over and stayed in the tent the night before and Mollie and I went over Sunday morning to visit with the quads.

Kristen went and got a pool for the little ones to play in. they weren't so sure about the moss and the lake.

Tyler swimming and around in the back while Heath is tossing boats out.

Leah crawling around too stops to give me a grin.

Easton stops to spike Tyler's hair for him.

Ricky chewing on the end of a little motor boat while Easton talks with his mom.

All were loving the pool, especially the little red-headed one!

Randy trying to drag Easton back in the pool after he was trying to get away when he splashed Randy.

Ashley, Jenna, and Mollie catching some rays.

Ricky Roo actually enjoying the water.

We had to get Tyler out for a bit because he was turning blue! Warm him back up and in he wanted again!

Heath having a blast splashing.

Now a little water acrobatics for He-Man.

Peanut all smiles.

Leah also performing a little water dance.

The kiddos did good with no nap while we were there. I did pay for it later when I got them home and had to put them to bed by myself!

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