Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Parade and Dairy Fest

On July 3rd, I loaded up Jenna, the quads, Mollie, and her cousin Lauren and went to Stephenville to watch their 4th of July Parade and check out Dairy Fest in the city park. The kiddos watching intently as the parade finally makes it down our way. It took nearly 30 minutes for it to reach us downtown! The parade was just a little too long!
FIRETRUCKS!!! Glad no one had a fire that morning because all the county and small towns surrounding Stephenville had their trucks in the parade! Talk about LOUD!

Tyler waving and saying "Hi". Mollie and Lauren in the background. Heath and Leah looking pretty serious.

Ricky was clapping as the Stephenville high school band played. He liked waving "Hi" alot too.

Heath still very serious about the whole deal. Every now and then he would wave too.

In the backseat is Lynnette, she's the preop nurse at the hospital. Her husband, Chris is the Chief of Erath County Fire and Rescue (he's driving). You can't see him, but her grandson is also riding along.

A mini milk truck. the man driving it and a friend of his built the mini milk truck. When we got to the park they were giving away free milk that they carried in the milk tank.

The quads were very happy to receive some toys from a nice lady in the parade!

Hi Dr. Erck!! Dr. Erck, one of our general surgeons, got to drive the freshman cheerleaders in the parade. He was being a supportive cheer Dad and was cheering along with the girls!

Down at the park. after we got the quads some balloons, Jenna wanted to climb the rock wall they had set up. Here she's getting her harness on.

An off she goes!

I couldn't believe how high up she go! She said she would have gone higher but she ran out of places to put her feet. :)

Jenna, Ricky, Heath, Tyler, and Leah getting their picture with the cow before we headed out.

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Kimberly & Alex said...

What fun!
I just realized that your quads are almost exactly one year older than mine. Wow. But yours look so much bigger, lol, I guess I still see mine as tiny babies. Heck, I still see my almost 10 yr olds as my baby boys! lol