Sunday, July 4, 2010

Naked Babies

On Monday, June 28th we stripped the quads down and let them play in the sprinkler.
Ricky always a little standoff-ish with the sprinkler. Tyler is on the run as Leah play with the water that's dripping from the sprinkler head Heath is holding.

And then they get sprayed. One reason Ricky stands back. He doesn't like getting sprayed in the face.

Heath's going after it again and Leah takes off.

Ricky decided to sit back and watch.

Everyone squatting waiting for it to squirt them again.

Ricky still watching and looking a little concerned.

The little red fish running by again!

Heath would put it down when he got sprayed in the face and then pick it right back up again!

Leah watching her brothers.

The culprit behind the shooting sprinkler: Daddy!

"Ahhh!" When Randy started taking the others in, that's when Ricky finally went after the sprinkler. He wanted it all to himself. So I let him play a few more minutes alone so maybe he would get a little more used to it if he's the one controlling it.

He watered the grass.

Still watering! We love watching them play in the water! they love it so and never get tired of it!


Steinn said...

Poor boys! Cute children and generally nice shots, but the boys are circumcised! :-( They will never grow up to be a REAL men! I really don't know why parents molests their boys that way. Ignorance I hope, but most probably egoism! You really don't know how much harm you are doing! Here's a neutral web site. Read, learn and weep!

Doglover said...

I am more surprised that there are ignorant parents who put up pictures with their naked kids´private parts. Don´t you respect their privacy? Why do you put up so many pics of your naked children? Shame on you!!!!!

Jerrold said...

All four of those kids are beautiful, and they look so happy!

To Doglover:

They are only innocent little toddlers! How prudish can you be?

kevinandmyra said...

Beautiful kids having fun!

It's nice to see people who don't freak out when their children play like children. Kids love to be naked, and there's nothing shameful about them playing in the sprinkler.

As for the previous comments: Ignorant parents that put pictures of their kids on-line? How about proud parents who don't believe that there's anything wrong with innocent nakedness. Good for them.

Circumcised men are victims of molestation who can't be real men? I think my wife would disagree with that... Opinions are fine until they demean others... like yours do.

Steinn said...

kevinandmyra: Circumcision is and will always be child abuse and mutilation! Period! Why should you decide for a little boy who can't protest? Why should you let anyone amputate a protective and very sensitive part of your boy's genitals? I've asked many women in a reshearch who the prefer, a cut or uncut man. Almost all said that they prefered an uncut one. Why? Because it felt better, The foreskin fills up, the glans doesn't work as an pump who dries out the womens genitals and they can have spfter and slower sex. Circumcised men have lost much of theor feeling, so they have to work harder to have se same sensation. Your wife would probably have said the same if you weren't married to her, and if she had participated in a similar recearch.

Unknown said...

@steinn Do you have any moral charater at all? Who cares if the boys were circumcised or not? This post wasn't about circumcision. It is obviously about adorable little ones playing naked in the sprinkler. It is meant to bring warmth to hearts and make people say things like "Awwwww...those kids are so cute." I find it very disturbing that you come to a post like this and the thing you notice is the little baby boys all being circumcised. Something is seriously wrong there.

@doglover So what if the babies are naked? We are all born that way if I remember correctly. God put his heart and soul in to us. Both man and women. He breathed life into us and when he first made us we were naked. So who cares of they are naked? I know God doesn't care, so why should any of us?

To the proud and loving parents of these quads: You have some really cute and happy babies. You are truly blessed. May they grow to love you as much as you love them. God bless you and your little ones.

izzyd74 said...
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Nazarbayev1277 said...

Pls stop fighting okay. But seriously this should be made private. Cuz there are bad ppl.

lee woo said...

I have been very blessed in my life and rewarded with good friends and good health. I am grateful and happy to be able to share this. See the link below for more info.


brandon nelson said...

I would suck on those little boys penies and make them cume

Kenzie Baker said...

To those saying circumcision is child abuse, its quite the opposite. Circumcision is actually a parents decision and not any one else. And for those in the comments above saying that the quads privacy was invaded (doglover), I know for a fact that my middle nephew was in a baby pool with his daddy (my older bro, the first born in my family) years ago almost stark naked. So you are wrong for saying such terrible things. Children being naked is very appropriate and is not an invasion of the child's privacy as it is natural and everyone is born completely naked and i should know this for i studied it in school as it is a requirement for state education departments. To steinn: circumcisikn is done to prevent Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs from occuring during the first couple of years. So, circumcision is something that parents due to prevent their child from suffering a UTI and being in pain. So, circumcision = no UTI.

Cody groebner said...

How dare you to criticize. Who are you to tell people what they can and can't do to there kids
And I was born and I wasn't circumcisioned. Who cares if they are circumcized

Steinn said...

@Kenzie Baker. Actually, those are old myths, you should do some research. The difference in UTI rates between intact and genitally mutilated (aka circumcised) boys is just 0,02 % which is not significant at all. Girls have a four to nine times higher UTI rates, and they are treated with antibiotics, not genital mutilations. Circumcision in the US is something parents do because they believe in what ignorant and greedy doctors say. Male genital mutilation (MGM) is a billion dollar business in the US, and USA is the only industrialized country in the world who do this for non-religious reasons. 70-75 % of the world's males are intact and lives quite a happy life with their foreskins. However, the MGM rates in the US are dropping as more and more parents are educating themselves.

Steinn said...

@Cody groebner. I speak for the children's human rights. Male genital mutilation (MGM, aka circumcision) is a violations of the boys humans rights, and it's terrible damaging. You are lucky to be intact.

By the way, you weren't circumcised without a "z". ;-)

Cody groebner said...

I would rather have been circumcised

tracteurfendt88 said...

I'm swiss and not circumcised and I can say that I'm totaly fine like this. If god or the nature like you prefer made us with a foreskin, there is a good reason for!!!

tracteurfendt88 said...
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