Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 5th: A Little WWF and Super Quad Heros!

On July the 5th, we went from having a WWF smack down in the morning to super hero's in the evening. Leah can take down any of the boys when she feels the need or when they have something she wants.

Her victim today is Tyler. Today was more playful than meanness. Everyone was laughing in the beginning.

Leah was trying to tickle Tyler.

Tyler had just about enough of that sweet sisterly love!

That evening the quads were quite wound up right before bedtime. Randy made them all little super hero's with their blanket capes. They "flew" through the living room, laughing and having a grand time!

Super Man! Ricky was flying high through the living room.

Tyler getting his cape adjusted while Leah heads out chewing on her cape.

Heath is on a mission!

He-Man! The Great American Hero!

The quads had a ball running around being super babies!

Thank goodness no major catastrophes while they were running around!

Leah practicing her "wrastling" (as my PePaw would have said) moves.

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