Monday, July 12, 2010

June Picture Overload

Future boyfriends??? Kash, Wyatt, and Leah at one of the girl's softball game.

Tyler flashing his gorgeous smile as he flies by. He's been saying "dow" for down, "peas"for please, "du" for his duckie, juice, trying fork, "Mo" for Mollie, and moo/cow. He's getting tooth #10 in, a molar.

Lee-Lee putting on Mommy's sneaker.

"What do you want?"Heath wearing his shades upside down on his neck.

Ride that pony. Go to town...

Ride that pony. Don't fall down!! Tyler and Heath tried to get Daddy to give them pony rides, if they don't get bucked off!

Leah trying her hand at corn on the cob. You can see her battles scars where the porch steps won and she lost (scared me to death!!!). It's funny to hear and see Leah tell the boys "no". Lately she's been shaking her head and pointing to whatever they are not supposed to be doing and tells them"No-No." She also likes saying "uh-oh" alot. I'm getting her to point when she wants down but still haven't exactly gotten the word out of her yet. She started getting her 13th tooth in June. She has also picked up ones of the boys bad habits, BITING! One day when I was at work she latched onto poor Tyler's cheek! She's paying the boys back for all the times she has been the recipient of the attacks! She's been throwing some really good fits (on the floor, rolling around screaming, kicking, clenching her fists, etc....). She's been a little more picky with her food again. But, right now she likes pineapple! Some days she won't even eat mac &cheese! She would be happy with just meat and eggs!

Tyler, Ricky, and Heath watching some cartoons while trying to get ready for church. As you can see, we've already lost shoes! I put them on, they take them off; the story of my life!

Tyler decided to used the baby doll stroller to give him a boost up to the TV.

Leah taking a turn on the cabinet while Heath rearranges the sheets.

"BOO!!" Leah loves this old comforter of Ashley's. She loves to roll up in it and hates for anyone else to touch it when she is in it.

For example,

Tyler also loves the softness of the comforter. Here he's trying to join Leah in the covers.

Leah throwing a hissy and does NOT want to share her covers!

Rick already taking an early morning break. If you wouldn't wake up so darn early you wouldn't be tired! The boy rarely sleeps past 7am. I leave him in his bed as long as he's happy jabbering at himself, his toys, or sometimes Heath if he's up. He's saying the word "up' all the time. He also works on "bowl, spoon, more alot. I got him to say "gross" a couple of times when he gives me a doozy of a diaper. Randy was working with him saying"come here". It comes out "ca mere". He also will push you and say "move!'. he's still biting some but has been really throwing things lately. Quite a temper!

Tyler thinks he needs a second pair of pajama bottoms on.

He's worked them up, even has a leg in each hole...

Just can't quite get them pulled all the way up. But, of course, that doesn't slow him down one bit!

I just loves these pictures of Heath! Just great pictures of his wonderful smile! He pulled out the bottom drawer of pajamas to sit in.

Heath has been signing please really well this month. He's also pointing and trying to say down, says kitty, said 'Mo" for Mollie, "DeeDee" for Kristi, and boo for book (can't get the K out yet). He also is saying "move" ans will push you out of the way. Talk about hard-headed! Ricky and him both will just walk up and nail one of the other ones of the mood strikes them or you tell him "no" and they do it anyway! He likes to stomp his feet when he throws a fit, turns beet red while he screams. The little blood vessel that runs across his nose pops out really good during his throwdown! LOL!

The girl's hair is getting long! She's got her purse...

And now Mommy's shoes.If she could get that hair out of her face she could be on her way!

Roo, big sis, Jenna, and Sam. Ricky loves to hold Sam. Poor Sam doesn't feel the same way! He's a very nervous puppy! Can't say that I blame him with 4 babies chasing him around the house trying to "pet" him!

Ricky strangling, no I mean holding Sam. Ricky was actually being very sweet this time!

Ashley and Mollie being silly. I found this picture while scrolling through my camera. Still can't believe they will be freshmen in high school!!

Ricky Roo doing a little bouncing on the ball while I work on lunch.

My little man was just tuckered out after lunch!

They are all infatuated with my coffee cup in the morning. they all want to come touch it and say"hot". Occasionally they try to get a taste of the lid. they are loving their books these days. They love popsicles of course! We pulled out some potty chairs so we can start talking about sitting on the potty. terrible 2's are already beginning!

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