Sunday, July 4, 2010

Play Date

On Tuesday, June 29th we headed over to Hamilton, where a fellow mom of multiples (Christina has triplets born exactly a month after ours) and 2 of her friends opened Hamilton Dance. They offer kids dance classes, tumbling, and play dates on Tuesday for the 0-3 year old crowd. Luckily, Daddio was off and got to join us on our first visit. Jenna also came to help us keep up with everyone.

Tyler checking out the musical instruments.

Ricky and Heath eyeing the musical instruments/toys and the books.

Leah giving me quite a strange look!

Heath seeing how many eggs (used as shakers) he can hold and keep away from Ricky.

Ricky headed up to slide into the ball pit.

Leah LOVING the ball pit.

Tyler liked hammering the pegs in the holes (which he really enjoyed and was quite good at!).

Leah and Heath having a ball!

Silly little man is going to smushed in the balls.

Doing a little circle time with the kiddos. Christina is the mom in the black shirt. she has two boys and one girl.

Ricky and Dad hanging out. He wasn't to sure about the parachute.

Tyler figuring out the play gum ball machine.

The quads really had a good time. They do alot of watching the other children since they haven't interacted with many others. I'm looking forward to them being more adventurous and hopefully playing nicely with other children! :) We will definitely be headed back for more fun!

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