Friday, July 2, 2010

Coloring or was it face painting?

How many are saying right now, "What were you thinking????" Yes, I asked myself the same question! Some days I let the quads color and their table to pass the time when its too hot and humid to go outside. Well, I looked for some of Jenna's old fat colors and couldn't find any. I found the the short fat Crayola Washable Markers though. I thought, "maybe they'll do OK, at least their washable and I've got Mr.Clean Magic Erasers!" All was going fine until I had to take a quick potty break. Seriously, I wasn't gone more than 2-3 minutes and this is what I find!
Leah practicing putting on makeup with her marker. And coloring the table and even got a little on the paper!

"Let's see if it works for lipstick too."

Heath giving himself a little face art.

Ricky was more intrigued with the cap on his finger. Thank goodness!

Tyler only had the 2 green marks too. He did help add a little more to the table though.

"This marker doesn't work."

"How cool is this?!"

"EEEE!!!" He was trying to get me with his new extended finger.


Suzy said...

Hysterical!! I haven't let mine loose with markers yet, but I think I will try soon. They are getting pretty good at dipping in ketchup. :)

Amy Thompson said...

How old are they now