Friday, July 2, 2010

Splashville: June 23rd

On June 23rd, Aunt Kay and Charla came early that afternoon so we could take the girls to Splashville in Stephenville. The girls had a great time and we may actually go back one evening (only 2 bucks from 5-7) and take the quads too. Jenna and her BFF, Emily. Yes, they have the same bathing suit but they didn't buy them at the same time. These 2 are very much the same!

Jenna going across the ropes with her mask on! We finally got her to take it off!

Coming down the yellow slide is Ashley!

Coming down the yellow slide is Randy's feet! Where's the rest of him?

There's Jenna and Emily popping up.

It was nice to find good, cheap fun close to home!

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