Tuesday, August 5, 2008

24wks & 4 days, Babes look'n good!

Randy & Jenna came to visit yesterday afternoon, so I called Tabor's office to see if I could bribe him to go ahead & sono the babies while they were here, since we were going to do it anyway this week. All 4 are looking great and believe me, moving good too. Drum roll please...
Baby Boy A: 2lbs!
Baby Boy B: 1lb 9oz!
Baby Boy C: 1lb 12oz!
Baby Girl D (aka Diva ): 1lb 9oz!
All are right on track & above average!
Kristi, my sista,has been here the past couple of days staying w/ me at the hospital hills inn. She had training classes to go to. On Sunday, Clay & Kristi Black and Steve & Rachel Warren and some of their kiddos came up to visit. Thanks guys for company and food! My Mom, Dad, and Jenna came up that afternoon. I got a 30 min. wheelchair pass, so Jenna wheeled me around downstairs w/a little help from Nana. We didn't run into too much! Of course they brought me some home cookin, my cravin for black eyed peas, cornbread, & goulash, and some super sweet watermelon. The fruit up here has no taste at all! So thanks who have brought me the good stuff! I'll be trying to post some picts from the baby shower and the construction being done on the house to make room for 4 more.