Thursday, August 14, 2008

Belly shot! Catch up for the week:25wks 6days

25 weeks and 6 days

Buddha Belly. No stretch marks-yet!

I've been lazy and haven't posted a thing yet this week. The babies and I doing fine, boring is good for us. I've been fortunate and had lots of visitors this week. On Sunday, My husband Randy, and daughter Jenna came and ended up staying overnight. My Mom, Dad, and Granny came too. They came and restocked me with clothes, food, and mail to look at. We went down for my afternoon stroll in the wheelchair in the lobby. Also our friends from Hico, Terrry & JoAnna Ince and their sons, Hayden & Landon stopped by on their way home from their visit to the Great Wolf Lodge. The boys told me about all the cool slides they rode. Late afternoon Randy, Jenna, and I were able to go down and tour the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). The NICU will be our babies home for at least the first month after birth. The charge nurse, Stephanie was very nice and was great at explaining alot of things. It puts our mind at ease or at least prepares us a little for what is ahead.

On Monday, Randy and Jenna headed home before lunch so Randy could study. Wayne & Melody Harbour came by on their way home from a funeral and visited. I miss being able to give Wayne a hard time at church.

Tuesday was also a pretty quiet day. I have been working on some papers for work that is part of an incentive program for the nurses, so that's helped pass the time. Brian & Natalie DuBose and their girls Abby & Maddie came by for a visit. Brian's been a big part of getting things going on our addition. THANKS BRIAN! Jenna went and played with Grace and friends at The Ranch
today. My Dad and a coworker from Bruner Motors, Mr. Hamett were coming back from a class at Lone Star Park and stopped and brought me a Subway sandwich for supper. My surgery crew sent me an card where they could a message . They took a group pick for the front with their HMEC prisoner number and picts of different ones holding up their prisoner number. And then they recorded, "Roses are red, violets are blue, our day sucks without you." Then it went into playing "Your unbelievable." I called and told them they made me laugh and then I cried. Thanks guys, I miss you too!!

On Wednesday, I had a bunch more visitors! Cecilia & Bill Bruton from FBC Hico came by that morning after an appointment. Jamie Adams, one from my surgery family came for a visit while she was also in the neighborhood. Then Amanda Hice, another surgery sister, and husband Damon & daughter, Taylor brought me some home eggplant parmesan for lunch. It was yummy
Manders! Then in the late afternoon, Randy's mom, Joyce and her friend, Ann Stephens came and brought me some goodies and visited for a while.

Today, another surgery sista, Vicki, came by with snacks and fruit, and the low down of what's going on at work. Then my Jenna, sister Kristi, and niece Mollie brought lunch from Olive Garden after they had gone shoe shopping. We got out for one of my beloved wheelchair rides. My little photographer, Jenna, got belly shots since we haven't done any in 2 weeks. Mollie was amazed at all the veins you can see on my belly with the skin stretched more each day. Then they were off for their dental visits in Granbury.


toniwagner said...

awww!! look at that belly grow!! that's great. I'm so glad you and the babies are doing good.

nanette said...

We are thinking of you,
HMEC Radiology

Andra said...

Hope everything's going well... Hope to see you guys soon!

Shelley said...

Hi! Congratulations! I use to work with Joyce at Stephen's. I am the one that had triplets in February. Just remember that this is just a tiny step in the babies lives and in a few short months it will be over & they will be home in your arms.

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