Saturday, August 9, 2008


Jenna-Lil' Sluggers T-ball team 5/08

Our baby bedding, alphabet soup, sorry not a great pict.

lt.-rt. Vicki and Gayle putting one of the beds

lt-rt. Gayle & Amanda are supposed to be painting
the walls, not each. other.

Some of my surgery family got together and wanted to paint the nursery
and buy the baby bedding for us. Thank you girls!!

Belly shot on 7-30-08: 23wks 5days

7-29-08 Jenna & me the night Randy and Jenna
spent the night with me.

Jenna in Old Settler's Reunion Parade 7-24-08
She wanted her car to look like a horse. Aunt Kristi
& Nana fix ed that with the help of one of Mollie's
large stuffed animals.

Jenna & Sassy before the parade.

Our 7th grade cheerleader, Ashley

7-23-08 day after I was admitted.


courtney said...

Hey Tina, it's Courtney (Bonnie's daughter). My mom forwarded me your blog so I will be checking in often :) Wow, I can't beleive how much Jenna has grown! It seems like yesterday I was babysitting her and she could barely sit up! I am so glad that everything is going great! I can't wait to see these beautiful healthy babies!Do they have names yet? When everyone comes home we will come take some pictures....and by we, I mean mom...although, I am her unofficial photography assistant:) We will be praying for all 8 of you!- Courtney

Cathy said...

Hi just wanted to say we have the same Blog name well just about hehehe
I'm looking at a buisness name so googling the name and found you.:-)

cute kids