Friday, August 8, 2008

25 weeks

Hip Hip Hooray I'm 25 weeks today!! Another week down with no problems, Praise God!! Today I did my second glucose tolerance test. This is the one where you get to drink the super sweet orange drink and then check your blood sugar again in an hour. After 2 sticks, the lab tech found a vein for my blood sample. My blood sugar came back normal (another answered prayer), so hopefully that should be the last for that test. Today has been a better day, I actually got some much needed sleep last night and got a nap yesterday afternoon. Tues. night the garbage truck came to empty the dumpster that's below me on the street at 3am, plus a bunch of other noises to keep you up. The main thing that keeps me up is getting comfortable and the pain from my body trying to stretch to accommodate the 4 little ones. Muscles and skin are stretching, ribs are moving to make more room. So lately right under my sternum and ribs it's constantly sore with the occasional stabbing pain that takes your breath away. But it's all worth it when you feel then wiggling and kicking.

Susie Q (Sue Spiva), a sweet gal I work with in surgery in Stephenville came for a visit Thurs. morning. She brought me some awesome sweet cherries, love them!! She also gave me a relaxing foot rub while we visited, and then took scary pictures of me to show everyone at work. Thanks again Susie for the extra fridge we can put in the utility room! Wed. before lunch I had a visit from 2 of our deacons, Craig Houston and Melton Murff. Thanks again for stopping by. Wed. afternoon, I also had a visit from quad mama, Suzanne Steece and her 4 babes, and Linda Gibson, who was her coordinator for the volunteers after the babies came home. These two ladies are so sweet and full of information. Linda has helped many other multiple moms set up a volunteer network and I'm so glad and blessed that she wants to help us too.
I have to say thanks to another friend, Nicole who showed me Suzanne's blog and helped me get in touch with her! It's such a great relief for me finding someone who was in this same spot just a little over a year ago! Suz has shown me it can be normal with 4, just a little busier. She has a great blog everyone needs to check out, She has been wonderful answering tons of questions for me and giving me encouragement when needed. We also get to compare notes on Dr. Tabor, who took care of her also. We love the man!! Sorry so long, but wanted to catch up. Thanks to all for continued prayers and support! Tina

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Suzanne said...

yaaaay for 25 weeks mama!!! that is GREAT! i LOOOOVED getting to chat with you and SO glad that your GTT was negative! bring on those sweets!!! woo hoo! thank you so much for all the sweet things you said about me, sheesh! love ya girl...keep cookin' dem babies and keep Tabor in line! ha