Monday, August 25, 2008

Quads 8days old: Tuesday 8-26-08

Leah Grace 6 days old. Pictures taken of the quads on Sunday 8-24-08.

Steven Tyler 6 days old:

Heath Allen 6 days old

Ricky Shane 6 days old

Sorry this is the first post since the babies were born last Monday. I will back track and fill you in on our first week of life. But, I decided to go ahead and post pictures that I took of them Sunday so everyone can see just how precious they are!! God is truly holding them in his loving arms each day for us. We have good days and we have bad days. I'll give you a run down of how everyone is doing as of today.

Quad A: Ricky Shane : birth weight-2lb. 6.8 oz today: .2lbs. 2 lb 7 1/2 oz - Ricky has been on the Jet ventilator since Thurs the 21st. This is a high rate ventilator that helps him get rid of the carbon dioxide that he was unable to blow off on his own. His blood gases have been up and down. His noon blood gases were good today. He has some dips at times in his O2 saturation. He doesn't like being messed with and only likes laying flat on his back. It may take him a minute and occasionally they have to suction him and then they pick back up. He is tolerating his 5ml feeds every 3 hrs, with low residuals. He was started back on the small bili light yesterday.

Quad B: Heath Allen: birth-2lbs 7oz. today: 2lbs. 9oz- Heath is also on a Jet ventilator and also had good blood gas this am. Heath is up to 9ml feeds every 3hrs and tolerating them well. Yesterday he got his first haircut when they had to shave a place on his head to place his PICC line (this is an IV that can stay in for a longer period of time). Heath also had 3 drops in his O2 saturation this am, he needed to be suctioned. He picks them back up on his own also just slowly. His chest xray yesterday was better, "better aeration of the lungs" .

Quad C: Steven Tyler: birth wt: 1lbs. 15 oz. today: 2lbs 3/4oz. Steven was changed yesterday from bubble cpap to a high flow nasal cannula-YEAH!! He's keeping good O2 saturation. He is now back up to 3ml feeds every hour and tolerating well with low residual. He is on antibiotics for a positive blood culture on 8-24. Today's culture came back negative. He hasn't had any bradycardia (low heart rate) or apnea episodes (stops breathing).
Quads D: Leah Grace: birth wt: 1lbs. 12oz today's wt: 1lb.14oz. Leah is on the bubble cpap at 21% O2 (which is what we breathe) and her O2 saturation are in the high 90's. Her feeds have been increased to 4.5ml every 3hrs with low residuals. She has been on antibiotics due to a low white blood cell count, but they stopped them yesterday. She also hasn't had any bradycardia or apnea episodes today either. She's been a good girl rockin along steady!


Shelley said...

They are precious. Sounds like the 2 little ones are doing great! Already off of c-pap!!!YEah!


Suzanne said...

so GREAT to see an update tina! i know you are so busy...we are praying for your crew constantly. what little fighters! they will continue to amaze you!!!

Andrea said...

every thing sounds good. They are precious. Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone. We have you guys in our prayers. Andrea

noel said...

I am so happy to see the babies and hear about them! We all continue to pray for each of you.
God is caring for your little ones and is cuddling them until they are big enough to be cuddled by you. Keep strong and take care of yourself, too!!! Noel

Deanna said...

One of my friends sent me the link to your blog. Your babies are precious. Your quads weights are very similar to what my guys weighed. That is awesome news about the two smaller guys. They are your little fighters. I hope you don't mind if I look for updates. You guys are in my prayers.


Andra said...

YAY!!! I am so happy FOUR you all! I hope to get up there and see them soon. We'll keep all of you in our prayers.

kippykowgirl said...

Oh teenie, they are precious, you are all in our prayers. Best wishes to you and your newly extended family! Love ya girl, Jamie Cozby