Friday, April 30, 2010

Flat Stanley Visits Hico

Flat Stanley is a book the second grade classes have read this year. They made Flat Stanley's to send to other schools and learn about his adventures. Jenna brought home one from Hawaii. So we decided to show Flat Stanley around Hico so Jenna could write back and send pictures of his adventure. First, we took him by the Billy the Kid statue.
Then, we went to the Billy the Kid Museum so he could have his picture taken.

Next we head over to the Wiseman House Chocolate Studio that is in Bliss. They even gave Jenna a sample!

Then we stopped for a picture with the steak cook off sign . the babies got in on this picture so the 2nd grade class in Hawaii could see Jenna's little brother's and sister.

One last stop at the western sign before we head back up the hill to the house.

Jenna's Flat Stanley will be traveling to Australia!

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