Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Visit with Cousins

Friday afternoon and Saturday (April 2nd & 3rd) we got to spend a little time with Aunt Barbara, Uncle Bud and their grandkids Clayton, Colton, and Cassidy Arendt. They had a quick trip in since they had to leave by 2pm on Saturday to get horse and hay home and unloaded and for Bud to be back to preach at Cowboy Church on Easter Sunday. Lt. to Rt: Ashley with Tyler, Mollie with Heath, Jenna with Ricky, Clayton, Colton with Leah, and Cassidy.

My little M&M's taking turns pulling each other in the wagon. Leah and Heath pull while Ricky and Tyler ride. Ricky has snatched a toothbrush of Jenna's from Nana's bathroom.

Now Heath pulling Leah while she chews on a baby doll bottle. It's quite funny to watch them try to suck on that thing and nothing ever comes out!

Tyler contemplating,"If I throw this rock will it get me in trouble?"

He-Man trying to carry the big bottle of bubbles around.

Don't know why, but I just like this picture. Leah is watching the boys quite closely as they play in the bubbles.

"No pictures, please!" Jenna about to take off and show us her round off.

Up and over she goes! The ground is a little harder than the trampoline!

"Forget the bubble wand, let's stick our hands in it!"

Kiddos watching Nana very closely.

Now Heath thinks he can man the wand and Leah is even stickier in the bubbles.

Roo Roo what are you up to? His tummy fills out the M&M onesie quite well!

Want a gourd?

"I wonder if I can scoop some of this dirt out without Nana noticing? If I smile real sweet I might not get in trouble, it will be too cute!"

Ricky seeing if the bubble wand makes a good spade.

"I want the fish! No, I want the fish!"

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