Friday, April 30, 2010

Ride'n Along in My Automobile

I had more pictures of the kiddos playing on Jenna's Mustang, but I accidentally erased them off the camera! But, I have more! They all pile on to just play or hoping someone will push them around in the yard. now Jenna has a new battery and she can take them for a cruise. Daddy takes his turn at pushes the boys around. Tyler is always riding on the hood or on the back. Leah is busy making calls on her cell.
Ty-Man with one of his silly little grins.

"Watch the road Bro, I'm busy texting!"

"Let's listen to a few tunes while we cruise."


Kimberly & Alex said...

I'm loving watching other big families and how you manange. I do love having a big family and did want alot of children, but now that I have them I worry about giving each the individual attention they need. I'd love to know what you do to make each feel special.

Shelley said...

Did y'all go to the Cook's NICU reunion? They posted a link to pictures on facebook & I thought I saw a pic of the kids.