Friday, April 30, 2010

McLean Cousin's Birthday Party

On April the 11th we went to Lance and Katy's house to celebrate Quinton and Abby's birthdays. Quinton's is the end of March and Abby's at the beginning of April, so they are able to do one big party. It didn't take the babies long to warm up and get busy playing. Ricky quickly found Uncle Lu's golf club.
Tyler giving Jenna sugars.

Randy tying a balloon on Quinton's foot.

The quads were loving Abby's sand box.

Leah didn't think Ricky would mind a little sand in his hair.

Mmmm, good icing.

How to eat a cupcake: First you stick your thumb all the way to the bottom...

Leah being the cleanest cupcake eater so far.

Aunt Katy did sooo good on these cupcakes. I'M LUV'N IT!!

"I've got icing where?"

"I can jump and eat at the same time!"

Sadie and Abby enjoying their cupcakes.

MoMo helping Leah finish up her cupcake.

Abby flying high on her swing.

It's nearly all gone Tyler. And look how clean he still is!

Tyler decided to climb on up into Zach's lap so he could get a better look at baby Henry.

Tyler having fun in the tent.

Leah found some more of Uncle Lu's golf balls (she actually brought a couple home wit her).

Quinton kicking back during the festivities.
We all had a great time hanging out with the family (with no meltdowns-WOOHOO!!).

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