Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had our computer crash, so I'm going to be playing catch up again! We had a wonderful Easter together with our family, even with Ricky having the chicken pox! We didn't get to take the little ones to church as planned but still were able to spend the day with our family since everyone had already been exposed.

Mollie, Ashley and Jenna Easter morning before church.

Another picture of Jenna in her Easter dress. It's a very rare occasion to get this girl in a dress these days!

My Cute Quad's! Even though they didn't get to go to church, I decided we would be dressed up anyway! In order as usual: Ricky, Heath, Tyler, and Leah.

Leah decided to hang out in front of the fireplace a little longer so we tried to get her to smile for another picture. No luck on the smile.

Ricky decided he would crawl back up so we could take his picture again!

Tyler snatched Kristi's camera away from her. He wanted to see what was in that little square!

Ricky and Heath playing/fighting over part of an Easter gift from Momo.

Leah playing with her wind up chick.

Tyler getting Pa to wind up another chick so it would hop around.

Jenna and Tyler.

Our Little Peanut.

Ricky taking a break from egg hunting to watch everyone else with Daddy.

Tyler decided to take a break and check out some of his loot.

Let's pull the grass out in case there's anything under it. Yes! cheesy whale crackers!

How's that jelly bean Leah?

Heath trying to put a glob of dirt from the freshly tilled garden into an egg. Actually it may be a glob of horse poop that Pa put on the garden! LOL!!

Tyler also giving up egg hunting for a bit to carry around who know what from the garden!

Ricky throwing his egg in Nana's burn pile. Guess he didn't like that one!

Off to the barn to see the horses!

Tyler back to hunting eggs. Wonder where his basket is?

Leah prying an egg open with her teeth!

Funny little He-Man making one of his silly faces after a find.

"I think I'll just take all of these, thank you!"

" Can I stuff anymore eggs in my pockets?"

Peace out, Mollie!

Now time for a ride behind the lawnmower! the kiddos loved riding in the wagon behind the lawn mower. Pa carried all around the house.

Everyone sitting very still. Not sure what to think at first.

Around we go!

Someone found the prize egg! Jenna with her cash.

Ricky, did you and Nana get nailed with a confetti egg?

Leah, Heath, and Tyler sitting on Mollie's horse. They LOVE the horses!

Ricky wants to see the horses, but when he gets right up next to them, he gets a little scared. Here, he's actually petting Munskin with Nana with Ashley watching in the back.

All four ready for a ride. Heath holding on tight!

Ricky, Leah, Heath, and Tyler.

Tyler was ready to go!

Mollie has new helpers in the barn. Heath doing a little sweeping.

Ricky ready to put out some hay.

Silly Sister!

Our SWEET, WONDERFUL Grannny! Her mom, MeMaw, and her is where are hard headedness originates from! LOVE YOU!!!

Woo Hoo!! Now we get to drive!!!

Tyler making the tractor sounds.

"If my stink'n brothers would get out of my way, I'd show them how to drive this thing!"

We had a wonderful day with our kiddos and family! One of many wonderful memories!

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