Sunday, April 4, 2010

March Picture Overload!

I am once again behind on the blog! Good reason though, Ricky has had the CHICKEN POX!!! No one else has turned up spotted, yet! So Here's the last of the pictures from March and short update. Tyler, Leah, and Heath taking up residence on the coffee table while we were working on puzzles. Heath is actually sitting on one!

Heath trying to decide if he wants to slide back down onto one of their couches. It makes a great step needed for the extra boost up onto the table!

Heath being the good one while Ricky and Leah terrorize the turtle.

Tyler lovin on his Sissy. Ricky just wants the remote!

Silly Man. Tyler with Leah's Easter bucket on his head.

Sugar Sweet Face!

My baby blues!

Tyler using the old Barbie jeep as his own transportation.

Jenna giving Mollie a great smile for the camera while Pa looks on.

Another one of my handsome boys!

Pebbles coming to see what's happening.

Tyler and Leah trying to figure out how to crawl into Leah's bed. Big brother, Ricky is there to tell them"NO!" and pull them down.

The little chicken enjoying some Easter cookies that Aunt Kay made for them!

"Mmmmm... This bunny is deelish!" Tyler FINALLY got another bottom tooth, #8! He has added to his vocabulary, "up, three, bird" and some occasional "Leah-nese" added in. I must get video of him running! his new nickname may become our little spazz. Both arms are going to different directions while he's high stepping it across the room! He's a happy little runner, always laughing and smiling!

"He looks a little funny now that I bit his ear off."

What a mouthful! Speaking of mouthful, he now has 16 teeth passing up Heath. Ricky has added "this, hot, bird" to his vocabulary and will do sign for apple. He likes "blowing his nose" these days too. He will get a Kleenex/ wipe and put over his nose and make they lovely loud blowing noise with his mouth! I just about laughed my head off the first time he did it! He's still quite the helper and must feed the cat every morning and thinks he can help discipline the others! He is also the best at "falling down" on the trampoline when we do "Ring Around the Roses." He does a total free fall wherever he's at no matter if it means landing on someone else!

Leah liked picking and licking the icing off her cookie first. Leah is now on tooth #9, left top molar. The girl loves to say "BOO!" , but still talking in "Leah-nese" most of the time. She likes spinning in circles. She's following in her brother's footsteps and trying to climb on more things around the house. She loves to jump on the trampoline with Jenna and actually really does jump a little!

Having a crazy hair day, Heath getting a mouthful too.
Heath is now up to 15 teeth. He's added "cat, up, bird" to his vocabulary. He likes waving to our neighbor, Sherri when she's outside. He likes to spin around in circles like Leah and they all like the falling down part on the trampoline when we sing "Ring Around the Roses." All of them are trying to put on their shoes, socks, clothes in general and take them off. Heath, Tyler, and Leah will copy Ricky when they see him do sign for apple. We are also working on signs for thank you, please, cup, and juice. If Mama was more consistent in using them, they might learn them faster!

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