Friday, April 30, 2010

Playing in Nana's Shower

On the 11th, the quads were quite crazed with the idea of going into Nana's dark bathroom. And then the discovered the shower when she hit the lights. They thought it was a great new place to play! Leah and Heath still in the shower while Tyler and Ricky, with broom in hand of course, that he snagged off the sun porch, stop to see what Nana is doing.
Leah got herself a bottle of soap.

"BOO!" she says.

Tyler also saying"BOO!"

Heath and Tyler wandering what the heck the clothes hamper is while Granny watches out for fingers getting smashed.

Heath was being so silly. He would sit on the frog stool and then get up and pull up his shorts (which didn't need pulling up).

What's got you so surprised Roo Roo?

Tyler and Duckie taking a break with Nana on the frog stool.

Tyler decided to see if the truck would work in the shower.

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