Sunday, May 9, 2010

2nd Grade Field Trip: Texas Rangers Hall of Fame & Museum

The 2nd grade classes visited the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum on Tuesday, May 4th in Waco.

The three 2nd grade classes at the front of the museum.

There was a small area where the kids could dress up and act out different scenarios. Well, they just wanted to dress up and act silly! From left to right: Destiny, Grace, Jenna, Victoria, and Britney.

I had to take a picture of the 1,000 and 500 dollar bills because this will be as close as i ever get to one!

Emily and Jenna

It's a crime scene! Victoria did a little posing in the crime scene area.

Watch out boys! These girls are pack'n!

The kids had a good time on the scavenger hunt they were given and looking at all the guns on display. After the museum, they went to Cameron Park to have their lunches. After lunch we headed to Target! My FAVORITE place!

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