Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Time in the Sprinkler

On May 4th, I hooked up sprinkler to play in while we were outside watching Randy wash his motorcycle. They had a BLAST! Sorry to say, I couldn't get the video loaded again. I guess it was too long.
Leah is getting squirted by Tyler as she runs by.

I know it's blurry, but I still love the look on Ty-Man's face! I think he had the most fun with the sprinkler.

Heath making a run for it.

Tyler, Leah, and Heath all lined up while Ricky has the sprinkler trying to spray them with it (it was on the clip:(!).

Heath trying to adjust the water.

Ricky watching Tyler shoot himself in the face with the sprinkler. He liked trying to get everyone else wet and slapping his wet shirt (which made a funny sound).

Tyler would stick his face right in it over and over! Then, he would try to drink the water as it squirted him! Such a funny little boy! He just laughed and laughed even when he started getting cold, he didn't care!

Leah, you better watch out! Tyler and Heath are teaming up!

Heath getting a turn at manning the sprinkler.

Heath getting in a shot at Ricky and Tyler.

Ricky says, that's cold!

Silly little peanut had a ball too! She just laughed the whole time running and playing the the water. She will be quite the little fish this summer.

So glad they love the water! Playing in the sprinkler will be a must to keep us cool this summer! More splish-splashing good times ahead!

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