Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elementary Awards

On Friday, the 21st, was the Elementary Awards. This was Jenna's last day of school since she qualified to get out a week early. The school applied and received permission from the state to use the last week of school as flex week. If the children had passed all tests (like the TAKS), had missed 5 days or less in the spring semester, and were passing, then they could get out a week early. Jenna, Ashley, and Mollie all qualified to get out early! Proud of ya ladies!

Jenna with her teacher, Mrs. DuBose.

Jenna getting her first award for A Honor Roll for the entire year! She also had perfect attendance!

Jenna checking out her medals.

Jenna and Dawson received Citizen of the Year for Mrs. DuBose's class. I have to brag on Jenna and her grades for the last 6 weeks: LangArts-99, Social Studies-96, Art-95, Reading-99, Math-97, Music-95, Science-98, and PE-100. We are so proud of her!Thank you for always being such a wonderful helper and caring person. We Love You Jenna Bo!

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