Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AR Carnival

On Thursday, the 20th, Jenna and many other Elementary children participated in the AR Carnival at the city park. The kids that reach their AR goals (reading program that rewards them for meeting their goals and beyond) throughout the year are then able to participate in the carnival in May. The kids get to run around for most of the day playing games moms have setup, jumping in the jump house, and getting face paintings.

Jenna is really not mad, but concentrating on being still as Joy draws a lizard on her arm.

Face of determination. "I will beat Justin!" Toni and I had the busiest booth, the tricycle races.

And then the happy face! Her legs were just a little long for this tricycle.

Little water gun action at some targets with Emily.

Jenna and Mackenzie showing off their face paintings.
Kristi came with me so the quads could come down and be entertained by all the action. They hung out until nearly 11 and then I took Kristi and them back to the house so she could feed them lunch for me while I headed back to help Toni man the tricycle races. Once again, thank you Sista for your help! Jenna had a good time but was hot and tired by the end of the day. We were all pooped!

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