Sunday, May 9, 2010

Girl Scout Chocolate Studio Tour

On Monday, May 3rd the Girl Scouts went to see how chocolates are made at the Wiseman Chocolate Studio that resides in the back of Bliss Living. And of course the moms had to come along too in hopes of getting a free sample of their mouth watering chocolates!

Jenna and Emily with hair covers on, ready to check out some chocolate!

Marshall gives us a taste of 100% chocolate that nothing has been added to yet and then dark and milk chocolate.

Then he shows then a block of milk chocolate and how its made into a block is explained.

Now its time for tasting! First we get to try a white chocolate truffle. Now if we could just take that whole pan of truffles home we'd be doing a OK!

Marshall shows them how soft the ganache is for inside the truffle and how they hand roll all their truffles and coat them in chocolate.

Now we see how they package them. At this point Toni and I are wondering if we can pull a "Lucy" as in I Love Lucy, and start shoving chocolates into our shirts while no one is looking!

You may wonder, "What the heck is that?!" It's a little bit of chocolate Heaven! It's a machine that stirs the chocolates and then carries it to the top where other wonderful tasting teats can be covered in chocolate. Yes, once again wondering if we could stick our faces it that for a taste!

Thanks again to Marshall for showing us how Mr. Wenzel and his staff make such wonderful truffles and other sweet treats!

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