Sunday, May 9, 2010

April Picture Overload

Well, I am finally getting the April picture overload done! Then I have to start playing catch up for May (because today is May 25th!).

Tyler and Leah perched on top of the couch trying to get a better look at the birds.

We have been letting the quads pretty much feed themselves but with assistance. Here, Kristi fed them raviolis and then yogurt while I was at work.
Tyler cleaned up his bowl with a nice layer on his face and shirt. He has actually doing good with self feeding. He has another tooth, a bottom molar, #9! He is full of kisses these days! He'll just plant one on ya for no reason! He's trying to say light, he's always wanting to turn the switch on and off!

Leah also loved it. she sometimes will feed herself stuff that before she wouldn't eat if you tried to feed it to her. She now doesn't like to have your help at all which at times cause quite a struggle when you are trying to help her out. Leah has tooth #10, a bottom molar also. Leah also is trying to say up (or it sounds like she is). She is beginning to to have to changes in her jibberish, adding different sounds, consonant/vowel patterns. So I hope this means more words coming our way!

Ricky shoveled it in pretty good. Ricky didn't get any new teeth this month, still on 16. After he got over the chicken pox he then got into some poison oak! Poor guy couldn't catch a break. It was growing up the back fence. there's a little creek that runs behind our house which the city is supposed to keep cleaned up. Needless to say Randy has sprayed twice to kill anything near our fence and I went to city hall to find out when they could clean the rest of the jungle up! Ricky was caught saying fish, cheetah, and turtle.

Heath finishing up with his hands. Nice layer on his shirt and face also. He got another tooth this month, #16, a canine tooth. Heath has been doing good feeding himself also but occasionally likes to try to stuff too much in his mouth or gets it to his mouth and then dumps it because he turns his spoon sideways. Needless to say, the floor lately is alot messier! Heath added sock to his vocabulary.

Tyler, Heath, Emily, and Jenna in the sand box ( really an old tractor tire).

Another day in the sand. Leah has quite a hair doo going on today.

Everyone digging and raking in the sand.

This is Conner. He has a twin sister pictured below with their mom, Letitia. Tish's twins were born on March 6th. Both are just adorable!

Tish and Courtney.

These are again picts of them in the sand. I just liked all their silly faces!

Heath filling his bucket up.

Tyler getting a kick out of the dogs running around.

Leah with a concerned look.

Ride'm Cowboy!

Tyler in the doghouse with the kitty.

"See Mom, I know how to carry the kitty."

"Look what I got!"

The boys loading up for a ride.

Ricky taking a turn a carrying the kitty around.

"You sit right here kitty." (I don't think the kitty is getting any tamer.)

Jenna taking Tyler for a cruise in the Mustang.

Heath looking at things through a different view.

Leah checking out the frog Jenna caught.

Ricky saying close to Randy in case he needs a quick getaway from the frog.

Tyler just loved the kitty! We were trying to hold it so it wouldn't turn out wild like the last bunch.

Heath petting the kitty.

Jenna finally got the kitty away from the babies.

"Hey! We want to ride!" Leah and Tyler chasing Jenna in the car.

Heath and Jenna cruising.

Leah very interested in the snail.

Tyler playing with the Tonka truck under the slide.

Now Ricky is chasing Jenna.

Ricky and Heath holding on for the ride. Tyler sitting in the back of the Tonka truck.

Tyler with his Daddy. Tyler loves to crawl up in your lap and roll all over you until he's comfortable.

Heath peeking through the table.

Tyler also playing peek a boo through the opening while I clean the table.

Ricky trying to reach the fan while Tyler an Heath look to see if I left anything on the table.

Quads getting cooled off by Dad.

Randy was spraying them with the water hose after he had finished cleaning up the table from cleaning fish.

Sorry so late! These last months on school seem to fly by and keep us busy with activities!

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