Friday, May 7, 2010

Cook's NICU Reunion

On April 25th we went to the Cook Children's Hospital NICU Reunion. Last year it was cancelled due to the swine flu and beginning of RSV season. So this year we eagerly awaited to attend this event. It was wonderful getting to see many of the nurses who took care of our children. We also got to see a couple of the families we became friends with during our stay. I'm sad to say we never got to see Dr. Levy, the quads neonatolgist, at the NICU. It was a beautiful day with many fun things planned for the children.

Randy and Leah on the playground.

Jenna helping Tyler climb.

Sweet Klaire Bear. This beautiful girl was in the bay next to Tyler the whole time in the NICU before our move to Progressive NICU. Her mom, Kim, was such a wonderful resource for me in the beginning when we had tons of paperwork to fill out, and above all else and inspiration. Klaire was born 6 months earlier than the quads. We were so happy to see how well she has been doing since she graduated from the NICU.

Something caught Ricky's eye in the middle of him trying to climb.

Tyler taking a seat on the ropes.

The Fort Worth Zoo brought by a few animals for the children to see during the reunion. Jenna getting her picture taken with a hawk (I think).

Ricky went full blast as soon as we turned them loose in the playground area.

Heath stopping to watch another child playing.

Tyler seeing if he could jump on this thing.

The boys were very fascinated with the recycled shredded tire they had to cover around the equipment.

Two Sweeties: Mason and Zoe B. their mom, Tonnie and I became good friends while our kiddos grew in the NICU. We laughed, cried, and just vented to one another. It makes such a difference when you have someone who's going through the same struggles/journey as you are that you can talk to. The twins were born 2 days earlier at 27 weeks. They are PRECIOUS!

Nurses Adrianne and Sheralynn with the quads. Adrianne was Leah's primary in the NICU from the beginning. Sheralynn is the nurse manager in the NICU.
She also took care of the babies on occasion.

Alanna, nurse, and Jada, one of the child care specialist in the NICU.
I met Jada a few days after the babies were born. When we met she told me she had knew of the babies before they were even born. Through her prayer chain at her church, they had been asked to pray for the quads. Isn't that amazing?! Through friends and family, people prayed for our family from the moment we found out I was pregnant with 4! Isn't the power of prayer and our Lord wonderful!!!

Carla, our physical therapist in the NICU.

Monica one of the quads primary nurses in Progressive, Georgia one of the respiratory therapists, and Janet, one of the night primary nurses for the quads.

Lisa, one of the nurses we keep in touch with visits with the boys.

Sherry a day nurse that had Heath in the NICU.

It was a wonderful day getting to visit with so many that had been part of our lives in the beginning of our journey with quads. They will always be so precious to us and hold a special place in our hearts! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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