Saturday, May 8, 2010

Video clips from 4-27-2010

Ricky has decided he does not like frogs!The first time he saw one, he was very intrigued and wanted to pick it up. Now, he doesn't want one near him! I wish I would have caught the first part where he's hollering when he first sees the frog under the trampoline.

The other video clip that I wanted to post was too long and wouldn't upload. It has Heath, Leah, and Tyler wanting to look and play with the frog. But, when Jenna goes to show it to Ricky, he runs and jumps into Randy's lap, shakes his head "no" and pushes the bucket away!

Here's Tyler on the trampoline playing and trying to jump.

This is a clip of Heath and Ricky falling down on "Ring Around the Roses."

This is a short clip of Leah jumping on the trampoline. She went from being scared to stand up to being the one who actually can jump. She LOVES it!

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