Sunday, August 1, 2010

7-11 Sweet Treats from Vegas

This year Kristi, Brad, and Mollie went to Las Vegas for their vacation. Dear Aunt Kristi thought the kiddos needed dice suckers for a treat!

Tyler trying to put the whole thing in his mouth.

Heath working on an orange one. He was coming to see if I wanted to taste.

Ricky thought that Granny need to have some of his sucker. Heath watching to see if Granny likes the sucker too.

Now Leah has come to see what the boys were up to and show Granny her sucker.

"Here Granny, try my red one."

Leah was rubbing the sucker on her lips more than putting it in her mouth. Granny is getting a kick out of her while Ricky doesn't mess around and works on putting the whole sucker in his mouth.

Tyler decided to use Kristi as his recliner and then decided she need to have a lick of his sucker!

"I think I got some sticky on my foot."

Leah now wants to share with me.

Leah was working on some different stances to see what the best way to eat your sucker.

Tyler taking up residence in Granny's lap now.

The kiddos loved their suckers. I was coming across toys for a week that had been played with while eating suckers! Thank you Aunt Kristi!

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