Thursday, August 5, 2010

Helping nana with corn 7/20

On Tuesday, the 20th, we headed over to Nana's after our play date in Hamilton to see if we could help her put up corn. She had taken off 3days to try to get it all put up. Monday and Tuesday she figured that each day they had picked, shucked, and cleaned around 300+ each day! I think she was well over that on Tuesday because she decided that evening to go ahead and pick the last few rows instead of waiting until Wednesday morning. Our freezers are now well packed with home grown ears of corn and homemade cream corn to last us until next summer. Sure hoping the black eyed peas does this good! Heath wanting to help Nana dump corn that Granny has cut off the ears into another bowl.

Heath and Leah perched on top of one of the coolers in the kitchen so they can get a better look at what's going on (or see what else they can get into).

Ricky and Jenna working on a snack.

Tyler making a few phone calls.

After I washed out one of the coolers before refilling it fresh more shucked corn, er decide to let the kiddos play. We call Heath the hose man. He always wants control the the water hose!

Jenna trying to keep from getting sprayed by Heath.

Ricky staying out of striking distance of the water.

Sorry, I had to get in a bare hiney shot! We had to shuck diapers when they were about to explode with all the water they had absorbed! Ricky finally got to be in charge of the hose.

Tyler thought he would try to get a drink since it was making its own little fountain where it screwed into the faucet.

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