Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July PictureOverload

I accidentally deleted this one at the end, so I had to add it back! The Fab 4 all wrapped up in their towels after playing in the water.

July 1st, trying to get a picture of all 4 in their camo rodeo onesies Pa had gotten them.

New trick. We can suction cup our tooth brushes to the sides of our cups!
Tyler said the word "phone" plain as day! He calls his blanket "B" and is working hard at saying "Jenna". It comes out as "Gee". He's still last in line for getting teeth in. He's at 14 from what I can count very quickly. No one wants me messing around in their mouths!

4th of July lunch at the church: Pa and Ricky.

Heath sitting at our little table in the fellowship hall. this boy can be such a character with the faces he comes up with! He likes to tell you to "move" these days if you are in his way! No new teeth, still at 16.

Mollie helping with crowd control at lunch.

Poor Leah zonked out before Kristi could get her to her bed for nap!
She is finally starting to talk more. She will tell you "I geet it" for I get it, "poo-poo, n0-n0 (squishes up face and points at you when saying it), fish, Nana, Pa, peek-a-boo, ba for ball, tries to say teeth, animal sounds moo and baa. She is also signing "please" better too. She loves her baby or should I say babies these days. She wraps them in her Lovey and gives them kisses. Its so sweet! Sometimes the boys will too but they may also throw the baby! She is at 15 teeth from what I can count when we brush.

Dad helped Tyler try on an overall jean dress of Leah's.

Jenna made Tyler and Heath a place to rest while they watched a little TV with her.

Leah looking a little sleepy but still headed out in fireman boots and bag in tow. She hasn't learned how to accessorize just yet.

Leah and Ricky trying out plums from Nana's trees. Ricky says, "It's so juicy."

A usual morning scene: the babies run to the window when we here Daddy drive up and they sit and watch until he comes to the window.

Leah working on her takedown on Heath.

Heath delivering books to Tyler before lights out.

Here's one for Leah.

And some for himself.

Tyler with his Daddy.

Next computer wiz.

Heath trying on Daddy's helmet.

Now Ricky tries it on . He thinks it fits pretty good!

And now Tyler. I had to hold the front so it wouldn't pull him down. It's just a little heavy for the Red Man.

Heath adjusting his shorts.

The girl is ready to go. Got her Lovey, passy, shades, and shoes! Many a morning she has to get her shoes on by herself right after she gets up. And Lordy, the girl gets mad if she can't get them on just right! And of course she doesn't want your help!

2 Dudes and a Diva! Heath says, " You got a problem with that?!"

The Man in charge (or at least he thinks he is).
This little man has a temper like his Mama and doesn't like to wait for nothing! He also likes to tell you to move or tell you to move while he is pushing you out of his way! I've told him "just one minute" so many times that now he will copy holding up his fingers and nodding his head while I tell him this. He'll say, "on mi" for one minute. It's too funny! He loves the hot dog song at the end of Micky Mouse Clubhouse which is his favorite cartoon. He's first up so he usually gets to watch the first time it comes on by himself while everyone else is still sleeping. He will sign "please" all the time because now he knows it sure gets him alot more when he does it! No new teeth, still at 16.

Tyler jumping around on a package of diapers. Silly Boo!

Hurry! Take a picture while they are all playing nicely with each other! On occasion they will play nicely, for a bit. They are all trying to say blocks and puzzle. It usually comes out the first syllable only as "ba" or "Pu" as we point to them on the shelf. Also saying "duck, learning on/off , up/down, and more animal sounds. They love to be little tigers! they all like saying "Wow! and Whoa!". they are absolutely adorable when they pretend they are leaving, wave bye to me and them come give you sugars! Precious! And i love the sugars they run up and give you just because!

Another precious moment. They were all holding hands for Mama!

The little fish.

Roo joining in on the fun.

She's going to be just like her Granny and lay in the waters for hours.

Super cute!

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