Tuesday, August 10, 2010

7-27 More Streaking

We start out in clothes, but it may not end up that way! Tyler playing with the giraffe sprinkler.

Ricky, Heath, and Leah watching the alligator pool fill up.

Tyler helping the elephant water the yard.

Jenna changed into her bathing suit as the others got down to their birthday suits!

Ricky actually getting his face wet.

Not sure what the look of disgust on Jenna's face is about, but the quads are having a ball!

Tyler, the little toot, decided he enjoyed rolling around and laying on his back in the grass!

Now Heath washes the stroller.

And now Heath is the one getting hosed.

Ricky says, "Oh Man!" while Heath is now watering the front porch!

The Hose Man

Leah and Tyler trying to get a turn.

Ricky practices being an alligator while Heath is practicing his super hero, He-Man stance.

Sweet Boy! (when he wants to be!)

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Shelley said...

These are hilarious! They are going to love you when they get older & find out you posted these pics online for all the world to see! lol Are you still going to the playdates on Tues? Let me know & hopefully we can meet up sometime!