Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet the Teacher: August 19th

August 19th was meet the teacher night at the elementary. We went and checked out Jenna's home room class, Mrs. McLain and Mrs. Vinson, who teaches 3rd grade math and science. She was very happy when she found out many of her friends were back in class with her this year. So she was finally getting a "little" excited about starting 3rd grade.

Jenna by her locker. This is the first year they have had lockers. In 3rd grade, they moved over into another building. this building was actually our middle school back in my day. She was super pumped about getting to have a locker this year.

Mrs. McLain made these super cute signs for everyone in her class. And yes, her name is pronounced just like ours.

Tyler liked checking out the inside of the locker.

Ricky comparing his locker to Tyler's.

After visiting with her new teacher's, we headed out to say "hello" to all past teachers. When we got to Mrs. Stone's class, Jenna's Kindergarten teacher, the boys made themselves right at home! Jenna was in Mrs. Stone's class when we found out we were having quadruplets.
Each year Jenna had been blessed with such wonderful teachers. This year is no different! But, i still can't believe my baby is in third grade!

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