Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 15th: feeding the ducks at Stephenville City Park

On Thursday the 15th, we made a stop at the Stephenville City Park so the quads could see the ducks and play for a bit on their playground.
Tyler took off after them as soon as we got close to them! Ricky, Heath, and Leah were a little more hesitant.

Tyler chasing one down.

He just loved watching them.I can imagine what he was thinking.... "Where did all these ducks come from?"

Ricky throwing some crackers out to the ducks while Leah watches.

So many expressions!

All so happy!

Ricky getting down at a look on their level.

Ricky throwing his hands up. This is usually a "Oh my gosh!" moment.

Leah throwing out a cracker while Tyler decides he'll keep one for himself to munch on.

Tyler getting ready to throw them a cracker.

Heath stayed pretty serious for a while but then he would feed the ducks a geese too. Jenna helped feed them too. When she was little and we lived in Stephenville, we brought her to the park alot to feed the ducks and play.

Heath telling Jenna to look at that one while Leah and Ricky are watching one in front of them eat a cracker.

Wonder what Heath is thinking?

Ricky threw one last cracker before we headed over to play.

One area in the park has smaller playground equptment for toddlers. The boys loved "driving" and making their "vroom-vroom" sounds as they turned the wheel.
Leah telling me "Bye" as she goes over the bridge.

Tyler the first to head down the slide sitting up instead of doing the belly slide.

Ricky doing a little swinging, showing us his monkey skills.

Just love that little grin he's doing these days!

"Honk -Honk" Heath makes sure the horn is in working order.

Jenna ready to catch at the bottom of one of the slides.

Here comes the Peanut.

Next out is Tyler.

Ricky think he'll crawl down the slide.

Lee Lee on the move. Such a precious face!

Heath not wanting any help coming down the steps. He told me to "MOVE!"

Couldn't help but put both of these pictures on here! I just love how happy she is!

Here we go with a group picture before we leave. Dad gets them situated.

And I start snapping!
In birth order from top to bottom: Jenna, Ricky, Heath, Tyler, and Leah. They did very good sitting still for me to snap a few.

OK, getting a little bore with this whole thing. "Can we move?"

Jenna says, "OH GEEZ!!!" Leah kicks back on Tyler while Heath and Ricky try to make a run for it.

No one was ready when it was time to head home of course! They all played so well and no fits!! Yeah!

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