Sunday, August 1, 2010

7-14 We want to swim like Jenna!

On Wednesday, the 14th we were outside later that afternoon trying to let the quads play a little in the water. It has been so hot lately that we usually only get outside right before suppertime or in the mornings. Lately be the time breakfast is done and everyone is dressed, it's usually too hot already to be out! Gotta love our Texas summers! Leah and Tyler chill'n in the alligator pool. Tyler is already watching Jenna in her pool.

Randy thought it would be fun to see how Tyler liked laying on his back in the bigger pool. Well of course he LOVED IT! He didn't want to get out and then everyone else wanted a turn also. I do not have floaties or life jackets for all 4 yet so we took turns holding them in the water on the sides of the pool. Thank goodness my Aunt Kay and Charla were there to lend ever so needed hands.
Randy trying to get Tyler to float on his back while Jenna helps too.

He LOVES the water and always wants to get in when Jenna is outside swimming.

Ricky is still not so sure about the whole water/swimming/ let's get my face wet thing!He likes to stick his feet in but isn't fearless like Heath, Tyler and Leah.

Tyler using his spider monkey grip on the side while Heath is wanting his turn in the pool.

Leah is an absolute natural! She automatically laid back, relaxed and just floated. As you can see in the next picture, Randy barely had to hold onto her!

She could have laid there forever! She's just like her Granny!

Heath and Tyler having a ball kicking and floating in the water.

The bad thing for us was she didn't want out of the water! AND, she didn't want you to hold onto to her! She wanted you to let go of her so she could swim in the middle with Jenna! Every time we tried to get her out she went nuts!!

Heath getting a noodle from Charla.
Next year I hope we can start swim lessons for the quads and Jenna (Jenna is swimming on her own, just needs more practice/improvement). I do hope Ricky grows more fond of the water and swimming. He's like Jenna. She was a little uneasy at first, but loves being in the water now as much as possible!

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