Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little Miss Hico Pagent: Ist Runner Up!! July 17th

Much to my surprise, Jenna decided she wanted to be in the Little Miss Hico pageant this year that's held during the Old Settler's Reunion. She has never been in a pageant or even showed any interest in it. I think because some of her friends were in it this year, she would give it a shot. Anything to get a pedicure!Jenna was not to thrilled about having me curl her hair! She was a real trooper and didn't fuss too much about it! Miss Priss posing before the pageant. She wore her dress from Easter and Kristi got her some pink shoes to match.

The BFF"S: Emily and Jenna.

Sorry to say, my picture of her when she first walks in didn't come out! I did get her though as she was about to answer her question form Shy.

Jenna coming in one last time. Randy asked her if she was nervous afterwards. She said' Before I came out I had butterflies in my stomach. When I came out on stage I was fine. It was no big deal." (This is coming from the girl who has always been very shy!)

All the contestants lined up for one last look.

First Runner Up is Miss Jenna Beth Donley!!!! I couldn't believe the first pageant she was ever in and she got first runner up!! She did a great job walking in front of everyone and keeping that smile on her face! (We all joked with her before so hopefully she wouldn't have that big fake cheesy smile plastered across her face and she didn't!)

2nd Runner up was Jordan L., 2009 Little Miss was their friend Victoria F.
Little Miss Winner 2010 was Jenna's BFF, Emily, and Jenna was First Runner Up. Great job girls!!

Emily and Jenna

Way to go Jenna Bo!!!

Ricky checking out her ribbon.

LOVE THIS!! Two of my most precious people in my life that I wouldn't know what to do without them!! Granny and Jenna after the pageant.

Ricky and Jenna

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