Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old Settler"s Reunion Parade

July 21st was the Old Settler's Reunion Parade. At first we thought we would put the quads in the parade but, then decided not to since it was so hot and would rather wait until they are a little older. Parade has started and Leah has spotted the horses coming down the street.

Kristi ran to the dollar store for me and got the quads chairs to sit in. They did sit in them but also liked moving them around. Nana, Heath and Leah enjoying the parade.

Pageant winner's float. Emily, in the green dress has the pageant wave perfected!

Heath handing me some candy that was thrown during the parade. This piece was quickly lost since it was a good sticky caramel.

We would rather have suckers! Tyler licking his lips while Leah likes to rub her sticky suckers all over her lips. Ricky and Heath also working on theirs.

"This." Yes Ricky, I see "this". Still calling everything "this".

Emily's twin brothers, Kash and Wyatt keeping Toni running through the parade.

Jenna atop the kick'n cool Challenger from Bruner's in Stephenville (where Pa sells autos). Kristi and Mollie got to enjoy the car while Jenna rode on top throwing candy.

Jenna got 2nd place in the parade for decorated pageant float/car. The car didn't need any decorations. It was gorgeous!

HHS Cheerleaders and a few of the football players. Ashley is the last cheerleader on the very far right.

Tyler and Heath both very serious while watching the parade.

Ricky still working on his. It won't last much longer, he's starting to bite!

Leah also quite serious about watching the parade.

Leah was already getting the hang of picking up candy they threw out at the parade.

Brett J. decided he would help gather candy for the quads. He was trying to get them to take some and they were putting more in his hands!

Heath also thought he would add his orange sucker he had been working on to the top of the pile!

The parade was pretty short which was actually OK since it was still so stink'n hot!

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